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If kisses were raindrops, I would send you a thunderstorm.

My heart is perfect are inside.

Who cares whether this is a poem or rhyme,
I will love you until the end of time.

All the gold and diamonds in the world are not enough
to buy the love I have for you.

Life without you will be like going to sleep and never having sweet dreams.

Find the one, who makes your heart smile.

I've fallen in love many times... always with you.

They say a picture tells 1,000 words
but when I see yours all I see is 3: I…love…you.
I wish I could be with you forever,
but that still wouldn’t be enough time to love you.

There will always be room for your hand in mine.

I’m not a therapist but I promise you this:
I will listen, I will care.

To love does not mean looking at each other,
it means looking in the same direction.

I love you to the moon and back!

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life,
that word is love.

When the angels ask what I loved most about live,
I’ll say you.

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