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I wrote your name in the sand,
But the waves washed it away,
Then I wrote it in the sky,
But the wind blew it away.
So I wrote it in my heart
and that's where it will stay.

Once in a while,
in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairy tale.

I love my life
because it gave me you,
I love you,
because you are my life.

A perfect marriage
is just two imperfect people
who refuse to give up
on each other.

I sit here and wonder
if you will ever understand
just how much of me
belongs to you
I sought for love
But love ran away from me.
I sought my soul
But my soul I couldn’t see.
Then I sought you,
And I found all three.

If I stole your heart
and you stole mine,
wouldn’t that be the perfect crime?

If I could chose
between loving you and breathing
I would use my last breathe
to say: I Love You

When I saw you
I fell in love
and you smiled....
because you knew.

Loved you once
love you still
always have
always will.

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