engelse liefdes zinnen voor vriendin

If love is great
and there are no greater things
the what I feel for you
must be the greatest.

If you would be the moon,
I would be the star...
So we could be together,
no matter where we are.

Come live in my heart,
and pay no rent.

If I had roses
for every time I thought of you,
I would be picking roses....
for a lifetime.

Dreams do come true,
because when I met you
my dreams came true.

My heart skips a beat
every time you say my name.
If I could reach up and hold a star
for every time you made me smile,
I would have the whole night sky
in the palm of my hand.

If kisses were stars, I'd give you the sky.
If touches were tears, I would cry.
If love was water, I’d give you the sea.
And be with you for all eternity.

The first time you touched me,
I knew I was born to be yours.

I believe....
that dreams come true
because you are and always
have been my dream.

Holding you makes my day,
kissing you makes my week,
and loving you makes my life.

You’re my soul mate, my sweetheart,
you’re my dream come true.

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